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Fynbos Recycled Uzwelo Bag
Fynbos Recycled Uzwelo Bag
Fynbos Recycled Uzwelo Bag

Fynbos Recycled Uzwelo Bag

A Collaboration by Lalela Learners

$ 35.00

This gorgeous piece of artwork was created many years ago during a watercolor curriculum where the learners were taken on a field trip to look at the Cape flora. The learners came away with a new appreciation of the flora around them.

With sustainability and ethical fashion being two of our greatest focuses this year, we have partnered with Uzwelo to create a reusable bag with our signature Lalela style. Uzwelo is a company driven to empower families and uplift communities through various poverty-reducing initiatives. We love their initiative and are thrilled to call them our partners.

These bright bags are a perfect replacement for single use plastic. Each bag can be folded into its interior pocket when not in use, making it easy to store and carry within a normal sized handbag. All artworks featured on these bags were created by our Lalela learners.


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