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African Queen
African Queen

African Queen

by A Collaboration by Lalela Learners

$ 185.00

During the July holiday in 2017, we brought 35 learners from different high schools together for a special project at City Varsity, Cape Town. Artists Jody Paulsen, Tony Gum, Juan Stockenstroom and special effects makeup artist Lisa Wakelin gave the students workshops developing their technical and conceptual skills. The artwork looked at breaking down stereotypes to create a true visual representation of their own authentic experience of being South African.

The teams also learnt how to write artists statements that put their artwork into context. Keisha, 16, would like to pursue a fashion career. Yanga, 18, is a leader at Lalela and in the community, with a passion for business and entrepreneurship. Roxcel's passions are art and sport, she is 15 years old.

50% Wool, 40% Silk, 10% Cashmere. 39 in. X 78 in. Style #22308