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Miss Sixty Recycled Uzwelo Bag

Miss Sixty Recycled Uzwelo Bag

by Abigail


This artwork was created by Abigail who began at Lalela in primary school and has continued into high school. Abigail is fun, smart, and adored by her friends and peers. She loves drama and writing stories and would like to become a teacher when she graduates. Abigail impressed us all when she took on the role of stage director in our Lalela Shakespeare production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We are so excited to share her artwork with the world, it is as playful and lovely as she is.

With sustainability and ethical fashion being two of our greatest focuses this year, we have partnered with Uzwelo to create a reusable bag with our signature Lalela style. Uzwelo is a company driven to empower families and uplift communities through various poverty-reducing initiatives. We love their initiative and are thrilled to call them our partners.

These bright bags are a perfect replacement for single use plastic. Each bag can be folded into its interior pocket when not in use, making it easy to store and carry within a normal sized handbag. All artworks featured on these bags were created by our Lalela learners.

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